Monitorização dos resultados e gestão em psicoterapia e saúde mental

The first aim of this study was to carry on a “naturalistic” evaluation of mental health treatment procedures as they were implemented in several clinical settings. Namely we evaluated the treatment procedures for psychological disorders that are provided in: 1) one specialised clinic (eating disorders); and 2) a drug treatment centre.

The second aim of this project was to create a tool (computer clinical management software) for making research data readily available for clinicians. This data would enable clinicians to base their decisions on empirical data and to monitor the development of their patient/client’s condition during treatment and to compare them with similar patients in the database. In summary, this project aim at setting the base for empirically based clinical decision-making and evidence based treatment delivery.

In order to accomplish the aims of the present project we performed the following tasks: 1) Translation and adaptation of questionnaires and scales which suited the purpose of monitoring treatment progress as it was offered by the evaluated sites: a) Eating disorder examination questionnaire (EDE-Q), b) Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST), c) Outcome Questionnaire 45.2. (OQ-45.2); 2) Process and Results of the Outcome Monitoring Process: a) Eating Disorders Outcome Monitoring: Course of Eating Disorders Treatment in Portugal, b) Outcome monitoring in drug addiction treatment settings / Monitorização dos Resultados Terapêuticos no contexto de Tratamento das Toxicodependências, c) Drug Dependence and psychological distress in Portuguese patients entering a substance abuse treatment centre, d) Risk factor for treatment drop-out in drug addiction treatment / Factores Associados ao Abandono em Toxicodependentes em Tratamento; 3) Development of Computer Clinical Management Software

Financiamento: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia – € 60.000,00

POCTI/39334/PSI /2001

Duração: Janeiro 2002 – Dezembro 2004