Fernando Fernández-Aranda, Ph.D., visita a UM

Fernando Fernández-Aranda, Ph.D., visita a Universidade do Minho a convite do Grupo de Estudos das Perturbações Alimentares (GEPA), da Unidade de Investigação em Psicoterapia e Psicopatologia do CIPsi – Escola de Psicologia. Durante a sua visita proferirá uma conferência aberta no Anfiteatro Multimédia da Escola de Psicologia na próxima sexta-feira 17 de outubro às 14:30

Título: Videogame Therapy for Emotional Regulation in Impulse Related Disorders

Previous literature review studies have suggested that, computer video games (VG) can serve as an additional form of treatment in several areas, such as schizophrenia, asthma or motor rehabilitation. Although, several naturalistic studies have shown the usefulness of serious videogames for enhancing several positive attitudes, relaxing, increasing problem-solving strategies and modifying some abnormal behaviors, there is a lack of serious games specially designed for treating Eating Disorders (ED). As clinicians, and based on the current difficulty to treat specific areas in ED (e.g. some personality traits and negative emotional regulation), even after using standard and well-established evidence-based psychological therapies, serious videogames may open innovative strategies to treat these factors.

The aims of this presentation are to: 1) teach on basic skills in the VG therapy and show current developments of this techniques for treating mental disorders and ED; 2) demonstrate a new designed video game therapy (Islands) for treating emotional regulation in ED; 3) present data collected from case-control and prospective longitudinal studies with ED during the last 3 years; 4) learn from patients feedback (video-recorded) about pros and cons of using this technologies.


Fernando Fernandez-Aranda, Specialist in Clinical Psychologist, has been the Head of the Eating Disorders (ED) Unit at the Dept. of Psychiatry (University Hospital Bellvitge-HUB/IDIBELL), Head of Group CIBERobn (Excellent Spanish Research Network for Obesity and Nutrition) since 2007, Associated Professor in Psychology, University of Barcelona, since 2000 and Full Professor since 2010 (School of Medicine), at the same University. He obtained his PhD in Psychology in 1996 at the University of Hamburg (Germany), his BP in 1990 (Clinical Psychology) at the University of Barcelona. His previous appointments were as a Clinical Psychologist at the Psychiatric University Hospital of Hamburg (1994-1995), long-term predoctoral Research Fellowship in Hannover, Germany (1992-1993) and Consultant Psychologist at the Department of Psychiatry, HUB in Barcelona (1996-03). He was Invited Professor at the University of North Carolina (2005) and at the McGill University in Montreal (2009). He gave more than 300 invited lectures in International or National professional Psychology, Psychiatry, Nutrition/Endocrinology Conferences and is actively involved as recognized Supervisor in Continuous Teaching in ED, and relevant member of several international professionals Associations (AED, ED Research Society). Until 2007 he was a board member of the American Academy for Eating Disorders (AED), past President of the Latin American Hispanic Chapter of the AED) and co-chair of Continuous Teaching in the AED, Fellow of the AED, Editor in Chief of European Eating Disorders Review since 2011 and awarded with the Meehan Hartley Award for Public Service and/or Advocacy-2004. He received several additional awards on development and innovation (Best European Video game for health-2011; Best Spanish Research Ideas-Diario Medico 2011). He has been IP in several International/ EU Grants (6) and in National Grants (11). He published more than 180 English peer-reviewed manuscripts in international journals.